Give a Gift

Your gift enables us to fulfill our mission to care for The Grand and present world-class productions, arts events, and services to all audiences of our community.

We recognize our Friends of the Grand with donations of all sizes because every penny counts toward maintaining The Grand Opera House of the South and its incredible legacy. Although you can give any amount of your choosing, below you'll find our 6 most common levels of giving:

Platinum Level ($15,000)

Gold Sponsor ($7,500-$14,999)

Silver Sponsor ($5,000-$7,499)

Bronze Sponsor ($3,000-$4,999)

Copper Sponsor ($1,500-$2,999)

Grand Giver ($500-$1,499)

Grand Donor ($250-$499)

Grand Contributor ($100-$249)

Grand Friend ($25-$99)

Piano Key ($500)

Opera House Seat ($450)

Become a Friend of the Grand today, and we thank you for your generous support!

Photograph provided by Philip Gould